Understanding Snakes of the Greater Durban Area




This year, together with the eThekwini Municipality, we put together a layman’s guide to the snakes of the Greater Durban Area. It has been beautifully designed by Artworks (www.artworks.co.za) We are hoping this book will help people to learn that we can co-exist with snakes in a more peaceful manner. The title says it all really

The good news, is that it’s free! We are in the process of handing them out at schools and libraries etc. We’re launching a Zulu version soon too, which I’m hugely excited! This will be distributed in rural areas where this type of information is desperately needed!

It contains general information, such as why snakes are important in our environment, why they visit our homes, why we shouldn’t kill them, what to do if we see one, and what to do in the event of a person or pet being bitten or spat at. Then there are profiles of each of the snake species occurring in the Greater Durban Area too!


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