Snake Awareness Talks

We’re passionate about educating people about snakes, an animal that is highly misunderstood.

KZN Amphibian & Reptile Conservation offers snake awareness and identification talks for companies, schools, communities, charities and events. I speak to people at quarries, field guide training academies, reserves etc, and also educate workers who clear alien invasive plants for a living. Some organizations and companies that I work with include WESSA, Bhejane Nature Training, LAFARGE, and many more!

My talks focus on why people are scared of snakes, overcoming that fear, understanding why we need to conserve snakes, how to co-exist with them and lastly, identifying the local species!

Educating Children

I also love working with children, changing perceptions from an early age. I like to think that if we can educate the children, they can educate their friends and of course, their family. I always hope to inspire children, hoping they become passionate about conservation. So apart from doing talks at schools, I also run kids snake courses! Stay tuned on our Facebook page for details of future events!

It’s always entertaining to see people’s initial reactions when they first see a snake, and it’s such a pleasure to see how their attitude changes once they can see that snakes aren’t all that bad, it’s one of the reasons why I do what I do!

Snake Education in Rural Areas

People in rural areas, informal settlements etc frequently encounter snakes in their homes. Usually, they have no idea what to do, and so they either run, burn the house down, or kill the snake! Education is needed everywhere, but I feel a lot more needs to be done in these kinds of areas. I see first hand how people react to snakes in these areas when I go on calls there. I pull Black Mambas and Spitting Cobras from under beds and cupboards. Imagine the fear these people experience seeing that in their little room? Thinking no one can help them? I have been trying to get my number out into many areas such as these, and am always willing to educate communities. If you can help me organise a talk for different communities, please do get in touch with me.

For snake awareness & identification talks, please email Nick at [email protected]