Donate towards reptile conservation!

For those who are able and interested:

I spend a great deal of time and petrol travelling into rural areas to remove unwanted venomous snakes from homes. People in such areas always used to kill these snakes, but after learning that help is at hand, they are choosing to call, which is great! It’s much safer for them, and of course for the snake too. However, this work, which I believe is important, comes at a great personal cost to me. Petrol prices and car maintenance takes its toll, and driving around to rescue and relocate these snakes becomes costly. So if anyone is able to donate to such work, it would be immensely appreciated.
Please note, I do try to charge a nominal fee where I can, or at least ask for a donation towards petrol, as it is a professional and high-risk service. As mentioned, I don’t ask this in rural areas. I also assist families who are genuinely struggling financially, who do not live in rural areas, or at charitable properties.

Donations will go towards:

  • Snake rescue and removals in rural areas
  • Relocation of these captured snakes.
  • Snake education in rural areas- Something we would like to do more regularly, because in rural areas, snake/human conflict occurs almost daily. We’d love to do this more often, but we cannot without funding.

Should you wish to donate, please use the below banking details of The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, of which we are a chapter of.

IMPORTANT! Please include the word ‘SNAKE’ and your surname in the payment name. Also, I’d like to thank you for donating, but to know who you are, I’d need you to please email me. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous for whatever reason, then that’s okay too.

The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

First National Bank

Cheque Account

Acc # 62080145983

Branch code 223526

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Alternatively, you can donate via Zapper!