Recently, my fiancee’ and I, with some good friends, came across something very special, something I’ve wanted to see for many years… The absolutely gorgeous, Long-toed Tree Frog! It has to be one of the cutest frogs around, have a look at those toes!! This amazing frog is listed as Endangered, sadly, and is restricted to moist grasslands in the interior parts of Southern KZN. We found two specimens hanging from grass stems in the Midlands. Colour-wise, it looks like the Natal Tree Frog that’s common on the KZN coastline. The body and eyes are more like that of the Brown-backed Tree Frog, which is found in Zululand. But the most amazing and unique feature are the long toes, where it obviously gets its name from. They’re remarkeable! I’m assuming that the toes are used for clinging to the long grass. All the other Tree Frog species live in trees….of course! What a priveledge to see such a rare and beautiful little creature.   IMG_6292 IMG_6154